Dec. 31: Resolutions With a Higher Purpose

Dec. 31: Resolutions With a Higher Purpose December 31, 2013

In his book, You Can Change the World, The Christophers’ founder, Maryknoll Father James Keller, shared some ideas you may want to consider as New Year’s Resolutions.

One piece of advice was, “All of us should pray as if all depended on God—and work as if everything depended on ourselves…The more we realize our strength is rooted in God, the more we will be inspired by an exhilarating assurance that nothing can daunt us.”

Another one of Father Keller’s central beliefs was: “Aim to serve, not to be served.”  He goes on to quote author John Mason Brown, who wrote, “No one, I am convinced, can be happy who lives only for himself.  The joy of living comes from immersion in something that we know to be bigger, better, more enduring and worthier than we are.  People, ideas, causes—these offer the one possible escape not merely from selfishness but from the hungers of solitude and the sorrows of aimlessness.”

May God guide you in being a Christ-bearer in the coming year.

Hope for…for lasting joy and mercy.  (Sirach 2:9)

Increase my joy in the coming year, Father.

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