4 times The Gospel Coalition outdid itself for bigotry

4 times The Gospel Coalition outdid itself for bigotry August 19, 2016

The Gospel Coalition is a neo-Calvinist website with 200k Twitter followers and a seeming ambition to write the most awful content on the web.


Last week they were roundly condemned for posting “When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband”, as fine an example of racism posing as anti-racism as we’ve seen this year. Such was the hail of criticism that they’ve now taken it down, but not before various media outlets and blogs opened both barrels at them. The post included such gems as: “Remember to be patient with family members. Calling Uncle Fred a bigot because he doesn’t want your daughter in an interracial marriage dehumanizes him and doesn’t help your daughter either.”

The Gospel Coalition's Tweet, linking to

Impressively, this is not even the worst thing The Gospel Coalition has ever posted. Their history is awash with advocating homophobia, transphobia, racism, and child abuse. Click continue to see four more times TGC looked like it was trying to win a prize for bigotry.

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