Postulation and Experimentation with Fairies, Nature Spirits, and Time

Postulation and Experimentation with Fairies, Nature Spirits, and Time August 21, 2018

Reading Morgan Daimler’s  book on Fairies, I was thinking about fairies and time. I totally agree with the assessment that they are timey-wimey and that a human moving into or out of fairy can find that only a moment or a great deal of time has passed. This has been my own experience in many trances.  In fact a few weeks ago I told my husband I needed to do some specific trancework while he was sitting next to the fire with me.  After I had done what I needed to do I popped back into ordinary reality and he asked me to share my experience.  I did so, and after talking for quite a while he said in shock and surprise, “You did all that in three minutes?!”


I had done all that and more in three minutes. I was apparently a busy bee and had no sense of how much time had passed even though one of my super powers is the timing ability: like getting to a microwave before it dings, or magically knowing when someone will show up. (I hate microwave dings, getting there about 5 seconds before it goes is ideal.) So as a person who usually has a good sense of time it was funny to think that I had no time sense while in trance. I hadn’t ever really noticed, but my husband has an analytical mind and did notice.

He suggested that the time expansion could be caused by DMT in the mind, a powerful hallucinogenic chemical produced by the brain during dreaming and in near-death experiences.  Basically he suggested I get myself high by meditating and breath control. Maybe so. Then I began to ponder some of what I know and have experienced with the fey. Maybe that chemical is somehow being induced by the fey spirits or associated with them as well?

a straight sand path bordered by hazy greenery that stretches off to a distant sky
Walking toward the horizon of the mind by the Rev. Hill

In particular, I have noted that in order to commune properly with many nature spirits the ability to adjust one’s time sense is very useful.  When communicating with trees or land spirits of middling largeness, such as the spirit of a certain forest or a tributary of a larger river, it is important to slow down one’s time sense so that each second seems to expand outward into a much longer period of time than normal.  I find my speech patterns and movements also slow, much like an Ent.

Now I am clear on the fact that the Sidhe are not the same thing as land spirits, but I do think that both the fey and the spirits of the land run on different time speeds than we do. 

Just today I was sitting on my porch, reading a book on mathematical scaling and pondering the unity and marvelousness that is Pi. It is a universally scalable function, since it is the ratio between circumference and diameter. No matter how big or small, the ratio is the same. Meanwhile, the finches were feeding on my sunflowers and singing their beautiful songs, for which I thanked them. I listened to the drone of the june bugs and the grasshoppers, and thought about how when grasshopper songs are slowed down they sound different.

I decided to try my hand at speeding myself up to try and match the insects to see what would happen. I focused on my breath and the feeling of vastness I find in numeric ratios.  I tried to think in a much faster speed, using my experience of slowing down as a model.  I found that focusing on my breath worked very poorly. Hyperventilation didn’t help the process, lol.  I imagined my hearing cycling faster and that began to work. Hyperfocus seemed to be the answer.  It seemed as if the drone of the insects deepened, and the birds flitting from flower to flower slowed down. I sat very still and tried to listen to each and every moment of the insect song, dragging it out in my mind, adding as many sound data points as I could.

While it appears to be an explosion, it is a close up of a green onion going to seed, with radiating tan lines with black seeds at the tips of the star pattern.
The expansion of space and time, found within the ordinary. by Rev. Hill

It didn’t really end up sounding like a choir of angels, but the drone deepened and the depth of the sound rounded out.  Often the whine of the june bug can be somewhat annoying to me, but by allowing myself to attend so deeply, it became a profound experience.  It wasn’t quite what I do in trance, when I live an hour in 3 minutes, but it wasn’t that far off either.

Any of you do timey-wimey nature spirit or fey things?

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