I will be a guest on The Thinking Atheist discussing my new book

I will be a guest on The Thinking Atheist discussing my new book August 10, 2014


I will be a guest this week on The Thinking Atheist Podcast with host Seth Andrews.

The episode is titled, Parenting Without God and according to The Thinking Atheists site:

It’s a topic we cover occasionally, partially because the issue of secular parenting is such a relevant issue, and partially because the subject is often as complex and unique as the families navigating through it. How does a godless parent approach the teaching of a child as opposed to the indoctrination of a child? What are some successful methods for raising a genuine freethinker? What are some of the potential problems? In this episode, we share your perspectives and stories, and we also speak with Dan Arel, blogger, journalist and author of the new book, “Parenting Without God.”

Be sure to visit www.thethinkingatheist.com and listen live Tuesday April 12 at 6PM Central US time.

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