Ken Ham believes gender identity laws attack religious freedom

Ken Ham believes gender identity laws attack religious freedom August 27, 2014


Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is ranting on his blog today about “gender identity” and it’s imaginary threat to religious freedom.


Now, the issues of gender identity and sexual orientation are tied directly to one’s view of biblical authority. The Baptist Press report explains, “‘Sexual orientation’ normally encompasses homosexuality and bisexuality, while ‘gender identity,’ or transgender status, includes transsexuals and cross-dressers.

So now religious groups contracting with the federal government can only base employment on “religious identity,” not sexual orientation or gender identity. So if a practicing homosexual or cross-dresser professes to be a Christian, then a Christian group that is contracting with the federal government may have to hire them, or risk charges of “discrimination.”

There is a simple solution here Ken, if your religious group wishes to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender, do not contract with the federal government. Simply as that.

It is not as you claim that, “Christian groups are slowly being forced to accept the secular culture’s views of gender and sexuality,” because no one is forcing any of these groups to contract with the government.

Ken, this is nothing more but bigotry from those different than you. You time and time again accuse me of being anti-Christian because I refuse to cater to your every desire to run your business as a theocracy while getting tax credit, but yet you are ready to actually discriminate against people because you have refused to grow up enough to realize your book of moral is a fairy tale.

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