Ken Ham took his dishonest rhetoric to the radio and I called in

Ken Ham took his dishonest rhetoric to the radio and I called in August 11, 2014

Photo courtesy of: Ark Encounter

So earlier today I caught wind that Ken Ham would be appearing on a radio program called CrossTalk to discuss the “attacks” on this new project The Ark Encounter.

Now Ham and myself have had some good back and forth already, see here and here for some history, but this is the first time I was able to speak to him “in person”.

I was dumped onto the air a bit at random so I scrambled to get my thoughts together and asked Ham to defend some of the comments he has made, like telling everyone that the theme park would not be receiving any money from the state for it’s development but then saying the state would pay the park a “fee” for the tourism they bring in.

Seems like a double standard, Ham of course claims he will bring in millions of dollars and cites not-for-public-eyes studies that verify his claims. I decided instead to focus on a big issue I have with his park and the tax incentive. Employee discrimination.

As you can see at this link, the park is claiming to be a ministry and its job to spread the word of God. It also shows that employees must be held to a religious test to work for the park. (I have screenshots below incase Mr. Ham decides to change this wording after being called out.)


So I asked Ham about this and he said, “you don’t know what you are talking about.” At this point, the phone went silent and I was hung up on.

So I brought this argument to Twitter right away:

Silly me for thinking the job posting for the Ark Encounter was actually for the Ark Encounter. Unless of course Ham is trying to skirt around government regulations by hiring all the park employees through his non-profit, and if so, I cannot wait for those legal battles.

So once again, Ham is making his dishonest claims, telling me I am anti-Christian and even claiming that I said I was, thought he is referencing this post here and if you can read, I clearly denounce his claim and put the claim back on him who is actually trying to tell other Christians they are not “true” Christians.

My colleague Joshua Kelly was able to call in the same show moments after I did and addressed morality with Ham. You can read about his hilarious experience and subsequent Twitter battle right here, and be sure to follow Joshua on Twitter @JoshuaKelly116

If you would like to listen to the complete radio program, you can do so here. I come on at 39:15 if you find you cannot sit through the whole show.

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