Ken Ham’s warning to Christian leaders: God hates compromise!

Ken Ham’s warning to Christian leaders: God hates compromise! August 18, 2014


Ken Ham has issued a warning to all Christian leaders who do not teach the Bible as the literal truth.

Yes—God hates compromise! Contamination destroys.

This is Ham’s response to me saying that my parents never lied to me about the Ark and taught me the Bible as metaphor instead of literal truths, mainly because my parents are not idiots and understand how ridiculous most of the biblical stories are.

I keep asking Ham to address the ongoing employee discrimination happening at the Ark Encounter, but instead of continues on claiming I am anti-Christian and issuing these childish warnings to religious leaders.

So Ken, please, keep attacking me and I will focus my attention to the laws you breaking and making sure everyone is aware of the money you are stealing from the good state of Kentucky. It seems your own statesmen are turning against you.

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