Ohio trying again to sneak intelligent design into the classroom

Ohio trying again to sneak intelligent design into the classroom August 20, 2014
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Here comes yet another attempt to sneak intelligent design into US public school classrooms. This time by repealing Common Core standards in favor of a new state created educational standard.

An Ohio bill, House Bill 597 says new state science standards must “prohibit political or religious interpretation of scientific facts in favor of another.”

When asked about the bill, Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marietta one of the bills main sponsored said the bill was created not to provide mandates for what should be taught, but to give teachers more options.

When asked about intelligent design being one of those things being taught, Thompson said, “I think it would be good for them to consider the perspectives of people of faith. That’s legitimate.”

This is not the first time state reps have tried to sneak intelligent design into the classroom, having failed to do so in another bill in 2006.

Speaking about the bill, Patricia Princehouse, director of Case Western Reserve University’s Program in Evolutionary Biology said, “It sounds exactly like the kind of things intelligent design and creationist promoters say.”

Princehouse couldn’t be more correct. As I have written previously for Salon, states are constantly trying to find creative ways to sneak intelligent design and creationism into the classroom by passing laws that make it nearly impossible from stopping educators from pushing person beliefs as facts.

Thankfully, as of today the Ohio house does not seem to have the votes to push this through, but that should not make anyone less concerned, because no matter how many times these bills fail, there is another one right behind it.

Secularists and science educators must remain diligent in monitoring and speaking out against these actions.

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