Rand Paul tries to deny running from DREAMer activist (Video)

Rand Paul tries to deny running from DREAMer activist (Video) August 7, 2014

Everyone saw the hilarious video of Rand Paul running away a DREAMer immigration activist at a fundraiser this week, earning him the name Run Paul, yet Paul denies this happened. According to PoliticalWire:

“Within moments of Erika Andiola introducing herself as a ‘Dreamer’ immigration activist to Paul and Rep. Steve King at an Iowa fundraiser on Monday, the Kentucky senator and likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate made a hasty exit… With a head nod from aide Sergio Gor, Paul wiped his mouth and departed while still visibly chewing, leaving behind his half-eaten hamburger.”

To which now Paul replied to Business Insider:

“Now you know my life. You know my life on the campaign trail. About five minutes before that — or two minutes before that — the video doesn’t show that — another reporter came up and said, ‘Will you do an interview?’ I said, ‘I need to take a couple more bites and we’ll do an interview.’ And then I was told we need to leave,” Paul said.

The funny thing about video is though, it makes pretty good evidence and Run Paul will have to do a lot more than blame his aide for running from an activist to hide from this embarrassing blunder. You can view video of the event here:

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