What guys are really saying when catcalling women (Video)

What guys are really saying when catcalling women (Video) August 8, 2014

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I was talking to my wife last night about catcalling because she had said someone was doing it to her on her lunch break and we wondered if guys really thought that would work.

I joked about never meeting a couple who had the story about meeting when, “I was walking down the street and he yelled to me from his car about my ass and we have been together ever since.”

Catcalling is such a disgusting display of misogyny yet I see it almost everyday when I am walking anywhere in downtown San Diego, I see guys yelling from their car, or across the street or just trying to stop girls who are walking around and I have to wonder what is happening in their head.

Well BuzzFeed posted this video to Facebook today and I just had to share it.

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