Reza Aslan calls threats from atheists ‘venomous’ and is dealt the truth about apostasy

Reza Aslan calls threats from atheists ‘venomous’ and is dealt the truth about apostasy October 13, 2014

Islam apologist Reza Aslan sent out a tweet today claiming no other group has ever threatened him more than atheists.

Aslan who has been in a long media feud with Sam Harris and Bill Maher to name a few, has been getting flack from many in the atheist community for his refusal to hold Islam accountable for many of the crimes against humanity committed in its name. Aslan wants to place blame solely on governments inside Muslim countries such as Iran or Saudi Arabia but fails to question what role Islam plays in these governments.

His latest complaint about “venomous” atheists sparked atheists into action.

The Ex-Muslims of North America took him to action to discuss what real threatening and venomous attacks look like. Starting the Hashtag #AnApostatesExperience Ex-Muslims (and even some of others faiths) took to Twitter to compare their apostate experience to that of Aslan who may have been dealt a few tweets from atheists correcting many of his continuously erroneous statements. 

After this Tweet went out, the campaign quickly went viral and here is a peak at some of the tweets that went out:


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