Ken Ham claims he is being attacked for being a Christian

Ken Ham claims he is being attacked for being a Christian November 29, 2014


Here we go again.

Once again, creationist Ken Ham just cannot wrap his head around why people have an issue with this Ark Encounter tax incentive.

Instead of listening to a single word we say, reading a single thing we write or even listening to Kentucky tourism board that clearly states that the issue with his park is its continued insistence on breaking federal employment laws and requiring future employees to sign a statement of faith, Ham is simply insisting that he is being attacked over his Christian faith.

Writing to Answers in Genesis supporters in a fundraising letter, Ham states:

Right now, because of pressure from atheists and some very liberal newspapers in Kentucky on state government officials, our freedom of speech and freedom of religion with this outreach are now under attack.

One letter from the State of Kentucky to AiG makes it clear that the state seeks to discriminate against us because of our Christian message. The letter from a state official, with statements that criticize us for having an evangelistic purpose and possibly hiring Ark staff who agree with our Christian faith, is remarkable.

Here is one of the many incredible statements in that letter (which was also obtained and published by the liberal media): ‘The Commonwealth (of Kentucky) must have the express written assurance from Ark Encounter, LLC that it will not discriminate in any way on the basis of religion in hiring.’

But as is clear settled law, churches and other religious organizations are allowed to hire employees who agree with their religious viewpoint!

Who would have ever thought that such governmental interference would come to America!

Absolutely clueless. I have written numerous times on this issue and even asked Ham directly about the discrimination on a Christian radio talk show and received nothing but lies and being hung up on.

No one is asking that Ham change his message, we are all simply asking that he follow the law. Ham chose to open the Ark Encounter as a for-profit business and must adhere to federal and state laws, but Ham believes those laws do not apply because of his Christian faith. He is not asking to be treated equally, he is asking for religious privilege.

Ham is not going to win this battle. He must either fall in line and follow the secular laws he is trying to take advantage of or lose all tax incentives. He will be granted no privilege based on his religious beliefs and myself and all other secular groups in this country will make sure of it.

(h/t Friendly Atheist)

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