Ken Ham compares abortion to eugenics and blames Planned Parenthood

Ken Ham compares abortion to eugenics and blames Planned Parenthood November 25, 2014

Ken Ham

Creationist Ken Ham has gone from preaching absolute mythology to now spewing vile and absurd remarks about Planned Parenthood, abortion and eugenics.

Not unlike most creationists, Ham attempts to blame the theory of evolution for eugenics (the idea of using artificial selection among humans to create a master race, or modifying genes to create certain features in humans), as though science being misused is at all proof that the science must be false.

For decades creationists have used Nazi eugenics programs as a method to villainize those who promote evolutionary theory. Ham has taken this to a new level by blaming women’s health clinics.

Ham is now claiming that one of the biggest proponents of eugenics is Planned Parenthood by implying that abortions are used to create a master race.

This level of idiocy by Ham seems to be a new low for the con-man.

Abortions are a public health issue and women receive the procedure for many countless reasons and I think you will be hard pressed to find a women who claims to get abortions because her mate was not suitable for her creation of the perfect child.

Attacking women’s rights to further your delusional belief system is just downright hurtful and ignorant. I am not often shocked by the tactics used by the likes of Ham, but I will not stand by and let him be a voice of such hateful idiocy.

You can listen to the audio below, but of course Ham has disabled comments, but do not let that stop you from telling him how you feel about these remarks.

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