Ken Ham does not understand how boats work

Ken Ham does not understand how boats work December 9, 2014


Ken Ham is thankful to God that his “intolerant liberal friends” cannot sink his ark.

Well, as Hemant Mehta points out, of course we can’t sink it, it’s on land. Also, we are not his friends. I am not friends with crooks and liars.

Ham seems to have wasted a great deal of donations on perpetrating the lie that liberals, atheists, secularists, you name it, want to destroy his ark. He is of course doing so because he thinks the fear will increase donations; donations he clearly needs to finish this park, especially after learning he might lose his much needed tax incentives.

Of course this is all a lie though, we don’t want to shut down his park that glorifies the systematic slaughter of all living things, we want him to follow the laws of the country in which he chose to build his genocidal themed park. This means ending discrimination against employees if he insists on running a for-profit business.

Of course, if he told the truth, donors would not be so eager to send him their hard earned money knowing he is breaking the law.

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