Ken Ham rambles like a lunatic about American Atheists new billboard

Ken Ham rambles like a lunatic about American Atheists new billboard December 9, 2014

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Ken Ham does not like the new American Atheists billboard campaign.

This is not exactly shocking news of course, but his disdain for it has resulted in a funny and misleading rant.

He starts by complaining about the location of the billboards, as they are near churches and schools instead of Times Square. Ham writes:

Sadly, both the theme and the location of the billboards show that American Atheists is desperately working to influence our children with its religion of purposelessness and meaninglessness.

How many times do we have to remind people that not only is atheism not a religion, but atheists lives have great meaning and much purpose.

What nice going trying to devalue our lives Ken.

He then goes on to complain about Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss claiming that religion is child abuse (what do they have to do with this billboard again?) saying:

But it’s the atheists who are destroying children’s lives by trying to force their anti-God, meaningless religion on generations of kids. People need to understand that atheists are not trying to stop children from being taught religion—they just don’t want them being taught the Christian religion, because they want to impose their own atheist religion on them.  This clearly shows that those who often loudly claim tolerance are, as I have written many times, the most intolerant people around!

Well then. For starters, Ken Ham is an intolerant asshole. The balls to call anyone intolerant when he actively attacks churches who support same-sex marriage, attacks marriage equality and then demands that he receive preferential treatment when it comes to constructional laws, to call atheists intolerant?

He then gets lost trying to explain the irony of the billboard,

Ironically, these billboards are pressuring kids to skip church because they’re “too old for fairytales,” but they seem to have no problem with kids writing letters to Santa Claus, an obviously mythical character.

The difference is, many people teach their children about Santa because it is fun, the difference is, and we tell them the truth. The irony is intention Kenny, but I assume even the slightest of humor is lost on you.

And he then again attempts to devalue the life of atheists:

Ultimately, why do atheists care what our children, or their parents, believe? After all, if there really is no God and death is the absolute end, why does it even matter what anyone believed during their time on Earth? According to atheism, once you die, that’s it—it’s over. What a hopeless, purposeless message!

Yes, a much better message is “follow me blindly or be tortured forever.”

He lastly attacks a nice big straw man:

Now, atheists like those in this group  displaying these billboards have  tried to stop the Creation Museum and now are attacking the Ark Encounter project. These atheists are completely intolerant of the Christian religion in the culture and supposedly in the name of tolerance and freedom of speech, are trying to outlaw Christianity and are making their anti-God religion the state religion!

Wow, now that is some mighty fine storytelling sir!

Can you name a single law that tries to make atheism a state religion? I can look in Google and find more than one trying to make Christianity a state religion, none for the atheists though.

And again with the “anti-God” hyperbole? We are not anti-God, you twit. We don’t believe he exists.

In the end, this is more of what we have come to expect of Ken Ham as of late, the ramblings of a lunatic.

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