Richard Dawkins: ‘We need an anti-Darwinian society’

Richard Dawkins: ‘We need an anti-Darwinian society’ December 9, 2014

Photo: David Shankbone / Wiki Commons
Photo: David Shankbone / Wiki Commons

At a  recent event at Kennesaw State University, Richard Dawkins was asked about things like the men’s right’s movement, of which he seemed surprised to hear such a thing existed, but he was also asked about his support for same-sex marriage even though it violated the evolutionary principle.

He answered,

“I don’t care what’s against the evolution principle. I’m all for going against the evolution principle.

This answer is important because many religious leaders claim atheists, “evolutionists”, etc. are not moral and cannot be moral because evolutionary theory tells us not to be, it tells us to be selfish, self-serving, and they often try to relate Darwinian evolution by natural selection to social Darwinism.

Dawkins continued on this,

“Evolution by natural selection is the explanation for why we exist. It is not something to guide our lives in our own society. If we were to be guided by the evolution principle, then we would be living in a kind of ultra-Thatcherite, Reaganite society.”

“Study your Darwinism for two reasons,” he implored, “because it explains why you’re here, and the second reason is, study your Darwinism in order to learn what to avoid in setting up society. What we need is a truly anti-Darwinian society. Anti-Darwinian in the sense that we don’t wish to live in a society where the weakest go to the wall, where the strongest suppress the weak, and even kill the weak. We — I, at least — do not wish to live in that kind of society. I want to live in the sort of society where we take care of the sick, where we take care of the weak, take care of the oppressed, which is a very anti-Darwinian society.”

I wish this would finally quiet the theistic moral police who honestly believe that the acceptance of Darwinian evolution is the downfall of our society. But in reality, as Dawkins suggests, it actually gives us the knowledge of creating an even better society.

(h/t Raw Story)

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