Sorry Ken Ham but the government is not allowed to endorse your beliefs

Sorry Ken Ham but the government is not allowed to endorse your beliefs December 3, 2014


Ken Ham is mad again. Go figure.

According to his blog a city playground in Delaware had put up a Noah’s Ark themed display.

Rightfully so, the local chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State was upset by this display and asked to have it removed. The group argued the display was a clear violation of the establishment clause, and the city agreed and removed the display.

Later, the AU chapter posted to their Facebook:

“Another AU victory in keeping government from promoting religion!”

And yes, this is a victory as the display was a clear violation of the first amendment. Though Ham saw this another way, saying:

“This clearly shows their agenda—to keep any mention of God or Christianity out of the public arena. Despite our Christian heritage in America, AU is trying to obliterate all signs of God from our culture. As atheist groups like AU continue to be vocal and win “victories” like this one, we can only expect religious freedom to continue to decrease. We need to understand that when an atheist group like this has a Christian display/message removed, they have successfully removed the Christian religion and are now imposing their religion of atheism on the culture!

Wow, where to begin?

First, to nit-pick, Ham, you’re Australian, so this is not your heritage in America, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about and are clueless about American history. The more Ham insists that America has a “Christian heritage” the more it is obvious he is making up American history at the same rate he is making up Earth’s history.

Secondly, here he is playing the victim card again. No religious freedom was lost here, the display is welcome on any private property or private park that will have it, but for a government funded park to display anything promoting one religion or any religion for that matter is a clear violation of the establishment clause and that is in fact a decrease in religious freedom. Ham just has this backwards, and he knows he does, but he also knows playing the victim means an increase in donations, donations he asks for right in the very blog post. Don’t believe me? Click on the “thanks for praying link” at his sign-off.

Third, here is the “atheism is a religion” claim Ham has become known for. In fact, I challenge Ham to show how this imposes atheism on anyone? The display is being removed, not replaced by an atheist one.

Once again, Ham is not asking for religious freedom, he is demanding religious preference. He won’t get it, and if he tries, he can expect a fight every step of the way, and this is a fight he will lose, because the US Constitution is on our side, not his.

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