The Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial team has a question for Ken Ham

The Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial team has a question for Ken Ham December 11, 2014


The fine editorial team over at the Lexington Herald-Leader want to know why God needs so many tax breaks!

Why does God need so much taxpayer help?

Really, has God been so lame spreading the good news that AIG must “counter the myths floating around about the Bible-upholding Ark Encounter,” on a digital video board in New York’s Times Square?

Does God need to be defended with the demagogic language AIG and its founder Ken Ham use in the holy war against “intolerant liberal friends,” “secularists,” “Bible-scoffers,” and, the most telling, “agitators outside the state?”

The editorial thanks state leaders for doing the right thing and continues:

They understand what AIG, apparently deaf to or uncomprehending of secularist talk about public finance, doesn’t accept: a tax break is public funding.

Since the Ark park would rely on such secularists services as highways, sewer systems, and police and fire protection to attract and accommodate its visitors, the $18.25 million in taxes it wouldn’t pay to support those services would fall on other taxpayers.

And then they deliver the final blow,

Perhaps Answers in Genesis should give up thanking God that intolerant liberals “can’t sink this ship,” and ask the deity instead whether it can be built without more government handouts.


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