Both Salon and The Blaze would rather attack Richard Dawkins than discuss Islam

Both Salon and The Blaze would rather attack Richard Dawkins than discuss Islam January 7, 2015

Photo: James Willamor
Photo: James Willamor

Cowards. That is the best word I have right now to describe both Salon and The Blaze who both published pieces today about the terrible terrorist attack in Paris, France at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in which twelve people were murdered over cartoons depicting Mohammad, that did nothing to mention the atrocities, but instead attacked Richard Dawkins for daring to blame Islam for the actions of Islamic extremists.

I have never been shy of blaming US and other country’s foreign policy for their roles in Islamic extremism, but when a paper is attacked over cartoons, you will be stretching facts a long way to pretend you can plant this firmly on foreign policy and ignoring the massive role religious dogma and fundamentalism played in this attack.

The paper was attacked for insulting the prophet Mohammed, not for Frances involvement in foreign policy issues. Islamic terrorists have no shortage of strategic targets they could have attacked over those issues, but instead chose a satirical paper, over a cartoon. Ignoring this will do nothing but cause more damage as we look for solutions to such problems in the future.

I will happily discuss foreign policy with you after an attack on a military base or strategic target that would hurt France (or any other country) directly. Instead, this attack was on a satirical newspaper thats demise would do nothing to unsettle the France government or change how France will act overseas and even inside its own borders.

But of course, Salon and The blaze seem to care very little for reporting on the facts surrounding the story and instead know that Richard Dawkins name alone will drive home the clicks. In fact Billy Hallowell who wrote The Blaze piece even found a way to work in Dawkins comments about Downs Syndrome into the post. Bravo…

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