Answers in Genesis files lawsuit against Kentucky

Answers in Genesis files lawsuit against Kentucky February 5, 2015

Photo: Ark Encounter promotional material
Photo: Ark Encounter promotional material

Answers in Genesis announced today that have officially filed their lawsuit against the state of Kentucky for religious discrimination.

You can view the lawsuit here.

According to the AiG website:

Although the sales tax rebate program is available equally to all qualifying tourist attractions seeking to build in the state, AiG President Ken Ham observed that “AiG’s application was rejected solely because of our religious identity and the biblical messages we will present at our future life-size Noah’s Ark.” Ham also noted that AIG’s “lawsuit details how this action by Kentucky officials, including Gov. Steve Beshear [named as a defendant], violates federal and state law and undermines our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. It amounts to unlawful viewpoint discrimination against our Christian faith.

No where does Ham mention the employee discrimination that was the deciding factor against the tax incentive.

The suit specifically states:

 “by wrongfully excluding them from participation in the Kentucky Tourism Development Program. Plaintiffs are denied access to this tourism incentive program because of who they are, what they believe, and how they express their beliefs, in flagrant disregard of their constitutional and statutory rights.”

Talk about playing the victim! When the park was preliminarily guaranteed the tax incentive there was zero doubt about who and what they are. What wasn’t clear at the time was that the park would violate federal employment laws.

With the truth being left off the lawsuit I really hope Kentucky brings this whole thing to court and calls out Answers in Genesis for this frivolous lawsuit that ignores every single fact in the case.

AiG even goes as far as to attempt to change the law in their case to allow them to discriminate and be a religious organization while attempt to use taxpayer money, by putting into the suit that the courts should,

“render a Declaratory Judgment declaring that the policy and practice of prohibiting religious organizations and/or organizations that wish to express religious viewpoints through personnel and messaging from participating in the KTD tourism incentives program violates the U.S. Constitution, the Kentucky Constitution and KRS §446.350.”

How do they not see that actually violates the first amendment! They are basically asking for special treatment in the state in order to take taxpayer money and use it for religious purposes. Perhaps Ken Ham thinks he lives in Iran?

I believe it is time the state look at suing AiG for blatant fraud in lying about attendance numbers and filing lawsuits that have nothing to do with the tax incentive case.

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