Glenn Beck claims vaccines cause autism and that anti-vaxxers are being persecuted

Glenn Beck claims vaccines cause autism and that anti-vaxxers are being persecuted February 5, 2015

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Last year, Glenn Beck applauded parents who did not vaccinate their kids after learning they had been responsible for the whooping cough and measles outbreak.

Now, facing the same problem again as measles cases are on the rise in the US, Beck is applauding those parents who are not only putting their kids lives at risk, but the lives of everyone else.

Beck sees vaccines as a rallying point for the left and right to come together in the US, saying on this radio show,

“I’m interested in moving to common sense. I’m interested in moving in the direction of freedom,” Beck said. “And so when it comes to these measles vaccinations, we have a lot in common with the left … and we have to reach out to allies.”

Then Beck goes full on batshit crazy and claims there is “something happening” with the measles vaccine and the rise in autism numbers and that parents should be cautious about vaccines.

“God gave me a brain. God gave me personal choice and responsibility for those choices,” he said. “I’m going to say no to those vaccines because I’ve done my homework.”

Apparently he has done no homework however as there are zero studies that show a link between vaccines and autism. In fact many cases since the famous Andrew Wakefield scandal have shown there is absolutely no link.

Beck then said that those who oppose vaccines are being rounded up and persecuted,

“Here’s another group of people that are now being rounded-up and pointed at and called morons and idiots and crackpots and crazies,” he said. “Just totally discredited … Where is anybody saying ‘my gosh, we’re living in the days of Galileo’? The church has become the state and if you don’t practice their religion exactly the way they tell you to practice it, you’re done.”

Vaccinations are now a religion? The creation and distribution of medications that have eradicated some of the world’s most deadly diseases and saved millions, if not billions of lives around the world is anything but a “religion”.

Yet he is right, they are being discredited, but are being discredited with scientific facts, they deserve to be discredited. But perhaps anti-vaxxers should be persecuted as well. When your choices result in the deaths of others, you do deserve persecution. If I chose to leave a gun out on the sidewalk and someone else picks it up and kills someone, I can be held responsible, so when you choose not to protect your child and others from preventable diseases, you should be held accountable as well.

Choices have consequences, and idiotic choices like not vaccinating have very deadly consequences.

(h/t Right Wing Watch)

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