Ken Ham calls for ‘Darwin Was Wrong Day’

Ken Ham calls for ‘Darwin Was Wrong Day’ February 9, 2015


Our friend Ken Ham does not like the resolution introduced into Congress to name February 12 “Darwin Day” in the United States.

Many cities, including my own in San Diego, have historically recognized the day as Darwin Day and secular groups have held special readings and rallies in celebration of the amazing findings and work of Charles Darwin.

But according to Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham,

Secularists are becoming increasingly aggressive and intolerant in promoting their anti-God philosophy. Evolutionary ideas provide the foundation for this worldview because they seemingly allow mankind the ability to explain the existence of life and the universe without God. As Christians, we need to be bold in proclaiming the truth of God’s Word to a hurting (groaning, Romans 8:22) world. This year, on February 12, instead of celebrating Darwin’s anti-God religion, we can take this opportunity to show the world that Darwin’s ideas about our supposed evolutionary origins were wrong, and that God’s Word is true, from the very beginning. Let’s make February 12 Darwin Was Wrong Day and point people to the truth of God’s Word.

Ham loves to call evolution a religion because religion is a massive insult, except Ham’s replacement, is, well, actual religion! I guess logic really isn’t his thing, though…

The rest of the AiG article is mostly rehashed arguments against evolutionary theory that show the organizations great misunderstanding and ignorance of not only the theory but of the scientific method, first discrediting life from non-life ideas (that have nothing to do with the theory of evolution by the way) to not understanding what natural selection is.

As a handful of people on Twitter have pointed out to me. It is rather telling that Ham’s organization spends all of its time attacking Darwin and focuses almost zero time on the latest scientific information available on the subject.

Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species over 150 years ago, and much of his work has been confirmed, but most of it has been greatly advanced, yet AiG knows it cannot disprove current findings and spends its time pretending that “evolutionists” stay devout to Darwin’s original words.

Apparently AiG finds fault in someone who reads an old book and believes it to be true…

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