Nye vs Ham is one-year old and Ken Ham still thinks he won

Nye vs Ham is one-year old and Ken Ham still thinks he won February 2, 2015
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Photo: YouTube screenshot

This week marks 1-year since the infamous Bill Nye vs Ken Ham, evolution vs. creationism debate and to celebrate Ken has posted a video of his friend interviewing him about the debate, so you know it’s totally unbiased!

In the article accompanying the video, Dr. Georgia Purdom has some thoughts about how the debate went down,

In particular Bill Nye—to this day—refuses to acknowledge the distinction between historical science and observational science. As a scientist, I found Nye’s arguments to be very deceptive. He consistently confused the two types of science, not acknowledging that historical science deals with the past and is not observable, testable, or repeatable and very dependent on a person’s worldview.

As I have written before, “There is no such thing as historical or observational science there is simply science. Evolution as Ham suggests does not rely on beliefs because it has evidence to back up each and every claim it makes. Creation on the other hand is not science, because it lacks the tenets of the scientific method.”

I appreciated that Ken focused on the real issue when it comes to origins—who is the ultimate authority: God or man? Ken’s main point was well encompassed by his now infamous response to Bill Nye, “There is a book.”

What gets me about this statement is that Purdom and other creationists actually think “there is this book,” is a valid argument against evolution! The whole world is laughing at them and they think they have made the ultimate argument!

Well, if you can stomach 20 minutes of pure idiocy, have at it:

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