Republicans want to declare Idaho as a ‘Christian State’

Republicans want to declare Idaho as a ‘Christian State’ February 25, 2015
Photo: Idaho Capitol Building by JSquish
Photo: Idaho Capitol Building by JSquish

The Republican stronghold state of Idaho, known for its potatoes wants to be know for something else; theocracy.

Lawmakers in the state have proposed a resolution that would “formally and specifically declared [Idaho] a Christian state.”

According to Raw Story,

The measure argues that the Christian faith is under “strident attack” in the United States, and cites as evidence the absence of Christian traditions and symbols in public institutions such as schools.

Supporters of the bill claim they are simply upholding the Judeo-Christian principles of our founding fathers.

“We’re a Christian community in a Christian state and the Republican Party is a Christian Party,” said Jeff Tyler, a member of the committee and supporter of the resolution.

“It’s important that Christians stand up and be unashamed to say they’re Christians.”

Not all state Republicans agree with the resolution however. One such dissenter being Bjorn Handeen, a committee member who describes himself as a Republican with Libertarian leanings. Handeen said he is not in favor of the government defining what Christianity is and that, “Ultimately, I’m not in favor of dividing us by religion; I’m in favor of uniting us by freedom.”

If the members of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee pass the resolution, it will head to the state Republican Party for approval.


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