CNN is giving Reza Aslan a show to tout his apologetic nonsense

CNN is giving Reza Aslan a show to tout his apologetic nonsense March 10, 2015
Photo: Roanoke College / WikiMedia
Photo: Roanoke College / WikiMedia

Just, wow.

It has been painfully obvious for years now that CNN could care less about news, accurate reporting or respect, but now they have completely gone over the edge.

According to Mediaite (thanks Jerry Coyne for the link!), CNN is picking up a new show called Believer in which,

“In each episode, Aslan will immerse himself into one of the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer,” CNN said in a statement Tuesday. “The series will feature Aslan participating in endurance worship, spellbinding rituals, and unusual rites of passage to learn about rarefied worlds that have been molded by faith and tradition.”

I wonder how many ways Aslan will find to blame new atheism for any of the struggles or persecutions these religious claim to face.

I can’t wait for CNN to announce their other new show, Non-Believer in which they offer a fair counter to what will be a ridiculous show by Aslan.

Or, as Jerry Coyne pointed out,

“It’s as if they decided to host a show called ‘Republican Views’ and wouldn’t have one called ‘Democratic Views.'”

CNN has been pandering to the religious for some time now, so I think it is safe to say they will join in on the atheism-bashing fun making all of these pathetic religious apologists so much money right now.


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