Ken Ham claims there are only two religions: ‘For Christ’ and ‘Against Christ’

Ken Ham claims there are only two religions: ‘For Christ’ and ‘Against Christ’ March 23, 2015

Photo: Creation Museum
Photo: Creation Museum

Earlier this month it was reported that Americans are dumping religion at record numbers.

In that piece, I mentioned that the Christian leaders would be terrified of these numbers and it seems I was not wrong.

Everyone’s favorite village idiot Ken Ham published a blog post in response to these poll findings,

Now 21% of the US population is considered a “none.” I have recently blogged about the “nones,” and I stated that “nones” refer to those who allegedly don’t identity with any religion—and this group is quickly growing. Reportedly, “If this growth continues, in a few years the largest ‘religion’ in the U.S. may be no religion at all.”

Here is mostly correct, aside from the strange use of the word “allegedly” in which he further clarifies here,

But those who claim to be “nones” really do have a religion! They have a man-made religion of secularity. They have developed a worldview through which they view and interpret the world.

Setting aside the childish and highly uneducated statement that secularism is a religion, Ham’s ignorance on what a “none” is should be noted. As I had previously stated in my piece about Americans losing religion,

It is important to note that a “none” does not mean they are atheists or even agnostics. They could very well be God believing or deity believing, spiritual, etc and just not belong to a particular religion.

But that is too complicated for Ham. His world has to be black and white, and he drives this point home when he actually declares there are only two religion,

Now, everyone has a religion, but ultimately there really are only two religions: for Christ or against Christ (Matthew 12:30). There is no neutrality!

Again, a “none” is not taking a place of neutrality, but does Ham really think all non-Christian religions are “against Christ”?

Is Buddhism simply an anti-Christian religion? Hinduism? Jainism? Of course not, they are simply other belief systems that don’t rely on his third grade understanding of the Bible and the world we live in.

Ham closes his piece by saying,

We need to reach out to these nones and this dying culture.

How odd to call the fastest growing culture the dying culture. Ham lives on the losing side of culture, his beliefs are fringe even among some of the most fanatic evangelicals and yet his head is shoved so far up his own rectum he cannot even see that he is on the losing side.

There is a culture dying in the US today and that culture is fanatical Christianity pushing itself into everyone’s everyday lives.

The culture in this US is shifting and Ham and those like him can see the writing on the wall. The more they are squeezed out the more they will lash out and act out in any attempt to garner attention or donations.

Mostly donations because when it comes to recruiting new believers you won’t convince me for one second that each and every member of these churches or members of Answers in Genesis are nothing but dollar signs to these people.

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