Ken Ham reminds us that he is nothing but a horrible bigot

Ken Ham reminds us that he is nothing but a horrible bigot March 10, 2015
Photo: Creation Museum
Photo: Creation Museum

Denying science and common sense is one thing. Yes, it can hurt children’s education and future and can be very serious, but thankfully it can be broken and education can be fixed.

However, one thing that is an immediate and lasting danger is outright bigotry and homophobic rhetoric and Ken Ham reminds us that he is great that that too.

Homosexual behavior is quickly becoming a norm on television as more and more shows celebrate and applaud it—and as these shows try to normalize such behaviors among our children. Our culture has completely rejected God’s Word as the foundation for its thinking and we are increasingly seeing everyone simply doing what is right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25). Sadly, the secular culture is doing a good job indoctrinating  children into accepting its views of morality.

This was written by Ken Ham on his blog. He is complaining that accepting of homosexuals are being accepted and their “behavior” (also known as love and affection) is being “normalized.”

“People are desperately seeking to have their sinful behavior be validated by others,” he continues.

Yes, people are desperate for their imaginary sins to be validated. No Ken, they are looking to simply be accepted and no longer treated like second class citizens.

Ken is complaining about a show called The Fosters on ABC Family. Now I have never seen this show, but apparently it featured two seventh grade males kiss on screen. This is also apparently the youngest ever same-sex kiss on national television.

Ken is complaining that the media is also excited about this monumental event and are saying that the network is “setting a fantastic standard” and is showing a “more accurate representation of LGBTQ youth in entertainment.”

Bravo to ABC Family for offering gay characters on a show in what sounds like a true and meaningful way.

Ken may be right, maybe our culture is trying to “normalize” a same-sex kiss because people like Ken want to ostracize such people in our society and publicly shame them for being in love.

Perhaps children growing up in families that think like Ken does need to see shows like this and realize that same-sex couples are in no way different than opposite-sex couples, or polyamorous couples, or you name any other kind of couple or sexual orientation you can think of.

Yet again, normalize is the wrong word. They don’t need to be “normalized” because they are already normal, but many peoples way of thinking needs to be corrected.

Of course Ken wants to then make this a biblical diatribe about marriage, claiming we are abandoning the marriage laws laid down by God,

But marriage did not evolve. Genesis is clear that marriage was created by God, and it was designed to be between one man and one woman for life (Genesis 1:272:24).

Oops, is it that awkward movement again when we have to remind Ken that marriage predates the Bible by thousands of years?

It is time we remember that this was published on the Answers in Genesis website, and that we should be looking at them as more than an anti-science lobbying group, but as a hate-group looking to stir up more hatred of the LGBTQ community.

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