Lawrence Krauss destroys Deepak Chopra over cosmic consciousness

Lawrence Krauss destroys Deepak Chopra over cosmic consciousness March 2, 2015
Photo: Deepak Chopra - Facebook
Photo: Deepak Chopra – Facebook

This never gets old, but the ever trolling Deepak Chopra, in an attempt to stay relevant in the headlines (and oops, I am helping) has attempted to troll Lawrence Krauss on Twitter and the exchange is just beautiful.

What started a Tweet from Krauss photographed with Richard Dawkins,

To which Chopra replied, starting the back and forth.

Chopra had no reply this final tweet, obviously seeing his unfounded and ridiculous beliefs printed out in such a way gives him very little room to correct Krauss if he in fact believes he is wrong.

He later attempts to claim that Krauss’s humanity must be incomplete,

I suppose one who refuses to understand how actual science is conducted would believe that someone like Krauss would not be humbled by his very existence.

Chopra is unable to see the beauty in reality and is forced to invent nonsensical pseudoscientific claims about our minds and needs the universe to have a creator to find meaning in his everyday mundane life.

He simply cannot fathom that those of us like Krauss or Dawkins can find beauty and awe in everyday existence and I believe finding it more special knowing this happened via the natural way it did.

As Dawkins said in Unweaving the Rainbow, “We are the lucky ones.”

(h/t Raw Story)

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