We Are Atheism is coming under fire for possible mishandled donations

We Are Atheism is coming under fire for possible mishandled donations March 16, 2015


A little over a year ago I was copied on a mass email that was calling into questions of the actions of an atheist non-profit called We Are Atheism.

It seemed there was some major concern with their handling of donations and their lack of non-profit status when accepting tax deductible donations.

I had briefly looked into the problem and found many troublesome roadblocks to learning how they spent their money as well as the financial gains of the non-profits owners.

However I was unable to continue my research and after getting some emails to charities that We Are Atheism claimed to donate to went unanswered, I let the case go cold.

However Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist seems to have continued on with the investigation and found some very troubling information.

Over the past few weeks, using Mark Felt’s email as a foundation [the email I referenced receiving above], and with additional research provided by Stiefel, myself, and others I’ve spoken to, we’ve looked into We Are Atheism’s finances and public statements in order to answer a handful of important questions, including:

  • Has We Are Atheism always been an official non-profit group?
  • Did the donations go where donors thought they would go?
  • Does We Are Atheism’s website list accurate information about the various fundraising campaigns?

It appears the answer to all those questions is “No.”

Hemant did an amazing job reaching out to We Are Atheism and gathering all the facts about his case and bringing his concerns to light.

I encourage you all to go read the full report here.

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