A Texas Christian couple fled the country after failing to raise a starved child from the dead

A Texas Christian couple fled the country after failing to raise a starved child from the dead April 14, 2015

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In Texas, two church members have fled to Mexico after an anonymous tip was called into the local police that church members had been trying to resurrect a child from the dead.

The child reportedly died a week earlier according to NBC News.

According to a witness who called the police,

[T]old investigators that a “rising ceremony” was held March 22 “to attempt to resurrect Victim from the dead.” When that failed, the child was wrapped in a blanket and “taken back to Mexico,” according to the search warrant request.

The child was believed by the church pastors to be possessed by demons and went 25-days without food before his death.

The boys parents have not been located by authorities, but the the women in the video police located shows Aracely Meza, the church’s secretary, praying and speaking in tongues over the boys body asking Jesus to give breath to the child. When the resurrection attempt fails, Meza breaks down in tears.

This young boy, a toddler fell victim to yet another case of religious lunacy. The parents, congregation and church leaders failed to use an ounce of critical thinking and charged the innocent child with a demonic possession and sentenced the child to die and then believed in the power of faith to raise him from the dead.

In an act of true cowardice, those guilty quickly fled the country instead of answering to authorities because they know full well they murdered an innocent child.

When I am asked again and again why I am an antitheist, why I speak out so loudly against religion and faith based thinking, I am saddened that I am able to provide such clear examples. Examples that cost children their lives because their parents and caregivers believe in absolute bullshit.

(h/t Raw Story)

(Photo: Aracely Meza as seen in the video found by police. Screenshot from NBC News) 

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