AD Episode Four has more made up parts than the Bible itself

AD Episode Four has more made up parts than the Bible itself April 27, 2015


We have come to the fourth episode in the AD series. Once again, please see all previous posts from the last three episodes to get a good idea of the issues I have, that continued, in this one.

So, ten Jews crucified every day until the assassin is found? Not in the Bible, let alone history. It shows, much like how last weeks’ instance with the execution on the Temple steps showed, the historical Pilate’s lack of respect for the Jews, but we have no historical, or biblical, account of Pilate doing any such thing. Pilate disappears after the crucifixion in the Bible, end of story.

The scene with the apostle Thomas baptizing is interesting. I say interesting because we have no accounts in the canonical gospels of Thomas baptizing, but we do in the gnostic Gospel of Thomas. At saying 27,

And the apostle took the oil and poured it upon their heads and anointed them…

Otherwise, not in the Bible. Like how Peter’s daughter is not in the Bible, as there is no mention of Peter having a daughter in the Bible. But I’ve already mentioned that last week.

We see Caiaphas at the feet of the crucified Jews, as well as performing a ritual to show his mourning the dead. We know, from my previous posts (the first one) that such a thing would not have happened, let alone him then going to Pilate to tell him “Hey, I’m covered in dust because I’m mourning the people you are executing.” Not only is this not in the Bible, it would be ludicrous for such a thing to ever happen as it would, implicitly, incriminate Caiaphas and all others performing such a ritual. It would lead to their own execution.

Then we find out the name of the assassin; Boaz! Nowhere in the New Testament. There is a Boaz in the Hebrew Bible, from the Book of Ruth, but nowhere is there mentioned a Boaz, let alone an assassin named Boaz, in the New Testament.

There is a bit of a trial where Peter and John are brought before Caiaphas and exonerated, and that is, indeed, in the Bible (Acts 4). They even use quotes from the story! So that is good; it is not historically accurate (they would have been executed long before this, and done so in a Roman crucifixion, rather than a stoning, as the Jewish people were known to do), but it at least actually comes from the Bible! So is when they are meeting with their people afterwards. Again, as before, those affiliated with criminals who faced execution would not have hung around, lest they be subject to the same punishment, but we already know there were a lot of creative liberties taken with the biblical account. Forget the, then, extreme liberties the producers took with this series.

On one, small, side note; I did laugh a big when Peter did tell the group that once they were a small group, but now they were beyond counting. I laughed because, as peasants during this time, they could not count anyway. Acts 4:13 says that Peter and John were “unlettered”, meaning illiterate. So, along with illiteracy comes the fact that they could not count.

There are a few more Bible-related concepts, like Peter healing the young girl and the death of Ananias and Sapphira, but all else is extremely false. Like the claim that there were one million Jews in Jerusalem at the end of the show? Incredibly short of the 80,000 that Josephus records as living there during the first century (Antiquities of the Jews 17:42). And Josephus was even known to exaggerate.

No space ships or cowboys this week. One can only hope for the following episode.

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