Kansas just made obtaining an abortion even harder

Kansas just made obtaining an abortion even harder April 8, 2015
Image: David Berkowitz
Image: David Berkowitz / Creative Commons

Yesterday, April 7th, Kansas governor Sam Brownback signed into law another abortion law that furthers the anti-woman, truly anti-life, position of the state.

The new law, called SB95, prohibits the use of “dismemberment abortion” during the second trimester of pregnancy. It is the most common method of abortion during this stage.

Brownback wrote on Twitter that he was “protecting life at its most vulnerable stage.” Right, because women who have ectopic pregnancies or whose lives would drastically alter for the worse with having a baby are not in vulnerable stages either.

Granted, there are other options for abortion at this stage. Among them are surgical abortions, called Dilation and Evacuation (D & E), or Induction Abortions, but those are rarely performed. In fact, these two methods are only used if the abortion method now outlawed in Kansas is unavailable, as per the World Health Organization. And it is probably because there is a higher risk to the mother, including uterine perforation and infections to the uterus or Fallopian tubes with the other two options.

What is scarier is that, aside from the numerous restrictions Kansas has (making it the state with the most restrictions against abortion in the US) including counseling to talk the women out of abortion and it will only be performed if the woman’s life is in danger, is there is no time frame on the law.

It is utterly ridiculous that the law states it is protecting “a living unborn child” when it defines it being applicable to the second trimester. The second trimester ends at 24 weeks, when viability occurs, or that the fetus can survive outside the womb. If a fetus cannot survive outside of the womb (that is, being capable to suckle, breathe, cry, void its bowels, etc.), is it truly alive? This is why third trimester abortions are outlawed, except in cases of emergency where multiple doctors’ approvals are required to perform such a procedure.

So, in other words, Kansas has now taken another large step backwards to ensure women are left without a choice. Or, at least, with some relatively dangerous and life-altering options.

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