Pepsi and the Creation Museum: Should we care?

Pepsi and the Creation Museum: Should we care? April 10, 2015

So over on Reddit this week a user spotted something funny about an ad for the Creation Museum on the back of a truck. Pepsi logos.


Now, corporate sponsorships of museums and attractions are nothing new, and even though many of us disagree with and or see the message of creationism as being harmful to children, it makes a weak case to force Pepsi to abandon this when they can probably cite some small return on investment, and sadly this is what drives profit based business with shareholders to keep happy.

Not to mention the fact that Answers in Genesis just love to file lawsuits for religious discrimination, something they would surely look into doing if Pepsi refused because of their religious beliefs.

But Pepsi has been well publicized on its stance on increasing diversity among women and the LGBT community, even getting boycotted by Christian right groups over the company standing up for marriage equality.

So is Pepsi aware they are sponsoring a group that vocally opposes same-sex  marriage, calling it a “mockery of marriage” and teaching Christians how to hatefully respond to those who support marriage equality?

This sponsorship does not seem in line with the message Pepsi wishes to send. The fact that the museum itself endorses incest and calls people who live their lives without god immoral, is enough reason for Pepsi to want out, but they straight up preach hate against equality.

So instead of a boycott, a method of protest I often endorse, I say we appeal to the heart of Pepsi’s message and remind them of what they claim to stand for as a company.

Show them the hate they are endorsing because there is a good chance they are unaware. The Creation Museum sells Pepsi, it so it not out of line to assume Pepsi simply wants to support a museum who supports them, but they should be made aware of the hate they are directly fueling by helping make offers like “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” ticket sales.

You can simply use this link to contact Pepsi and make them aware of the hate being spread by the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis. Let them know we do not wish to call for a boycott, we believe this can be easily resolved.

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