Andrew Wakefield still believes ‘big pharma’ is responsible for his lost career

Andrew Wakefield still believes ‘big pharma’ is responsible for his lost career May 20, 2015


Andrew Wakefield is a fraud. This is a statement that carries little doubt seeing as how he published a fraudulent paper in 1998 linking autism to the MMR vaccine in the journal The Lancet.

The journal later retracted the paper after Wakefield’s fraudulence was brought to light and his career ruined, for good reason. However, Wakefield left behind a massive uninformed movement of anti-vaccination advocates who still believe there is a link between vaccines and autism.

Now, speaking at a small conference in California urging parents to help defeat the CA bill that will end personal exemptions from vaccines (SB 277), Wakefield is crying that his career was stolen from him.

“As someone who has published science for a long, long time I’ve realized that they can simply destroy that,” he said during an April conference. “You can destroy a career of a scientist in five minutes — in five minutes. And it will take a lifetime to restore — if ever. It is so easily done.”

“There is no smoke without fire,” Wakefield continued. “You mentioned the word fraud, and it is all over. One of the things I have noticed about our community is that they play into the pharmaceutical industry’s public relations line. They say ‘discredited, discredited.’ Every article you write, write ‘discredited’ before Wakefield. ‘Discredited, discredited, discredited’ until it sinks into the consciousness of everybody.”

“And even our own people who know this is going on say, look, we can’t appear on a stage or in an article or support whatever that person is doing because they’ve made them discredited. What do we do by doing that? We fulfil the agenda of the public relations company of the pharmaceutical industry.”

The fact Wakefield can pull an audience speaks volumes to the level of ignorance in the anti-vaxx movement, it was never the pharmaceutical industry that broke Wakefield, it was the power of peer-review and scientific integrity. He lied, he fooled people, and he is now paying the price. His paper and his actions are responsible for thousands of deaths from preventable diseases and countless suffering.

Yet Wakefield doesn’t see it and still believes vaccines are dangerous, despite the mountains of research that disprove his fraudulent beliefs.

This is his motivation for stopping SB 277, the ignorant belief that vaccines are dangerous.

“The plank of their argument from which everything else flows is that vaccines are safe and effective,” he told the crowed of supporters. “And if you can pull the rug from under those, then there is no bill.”

How many more lives have to be lost before people stop taking this man seriously? How many children have to suffer before parents look at the actual science behind vaccines and not the work of a man who has zero integrity and zero credibility as a scientist or a human being?

I personally fully support SB 277, as a parent you do not have a “right” or a “choice” to put others (or even your children) in danger because you refuse to understand how modern medicine and science work.

(Image: Andrew Wakefield / Screenshot)

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