Ayaan Hirsi Ali visits Bill Maher: Why do liberals overlook Islamic extremism?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali visits Bill Maher: Why do liberals overlook Islamic extremism? May 16, 2015

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Author and Activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher last night and the discussion of course focused on Islam, as this is the subject of Hirsi Ali’s new book Heretic: Why Islam Needs Reformation Now.

I reviewed Hirsi Ali’s book on this blog last month and found her argument to be compelling and necessary. Of course her views are written off by pseudo-liberals who see her as racist and Islamophobic and would rather justify honor-killings and female genital mutilation with cultural relativism than speak out against such atrocities.

Mediaite sums of the visit to Maher quiet well:

Maher brought up how liberals have targeted Hirsi Ali and may have also had the Muhammad cartoon contest on the brain when he asked why so many liberals, who normally “hate blaming the victim,” do so when it comes to radical Islam.

Hirsi Ali said she’s not sure why liberals do that, and Maher argued that liberals also try to justify so much in a culture that’s decidedly illiberal.

In my earlier review of her book, I note that:

While these “liberals” are anything but, she reminds them that Muslims are the most targeted victims of Islamic extremism and that refusing to acknowledge that groups such as ISIS are rooted in Islamic teachings and texts straight from the Quran does nothing but further empower these Islamists to continue to oppress and kill innocent Muslims caught in their way.

When Ben Affleck went on Real Time with Bill Maher and fought to silence Maher and guest Sam Harris and accused them of racism, Hirsi Ali argues that the only thing Affleck did was silence discussion and much needed criticism of Islam that Muslim reformers and many moderate Muslims have been waiting for the west to finally have.

And there is more to it than that. Jerry Coyne, on his blog Why Evolution is True points out that liberals have a history of fighting for the underdog:

“[I]t comes from our long tradition of fighting for the underdog, and Muslims as a group are seen as underdogs. Western incursion into the Middle East, for oil and other purposes, awakens the guilt complex that is latent in all liberals. But of course Muslims aren’t underdogs in places like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

Sadly, in the case of radical Islam, the “underdog” trope conflicts directly with Enlightenment values of judging ideas based on evidence and reason, and somehow our guilt complex has overcome our reason. I guess the palpable evidence of a crowd claiming victimhood (while baying for the blood of heretics and apostates), somehow trumps the more abstract ideas of freedom, equality, and democracy.”

There are 1.57 billion Muslims worldwide, making them the worlds second largest religion, and while yes, I would agree in certain parts of the world they are treated as a minority groups (US, France, UK, etc) they are not exactly the underdog group in the sense we think they are.

Muslims are being victimized by other Muslims, as noted above, Muslims are the number one target of Islamic extremism and our refusal to hold Islamic teachings accountable for such actions actually does more damage and does nothing to fight for these “underdogs.”

This pseudo-liberal agenda is shameful and damaging. It’s about time the stop blaming the victim as Maher suggests and if they really want to stand up for the underdog, they must finally accept that Islam is not the religion of peace they pretend it is.

Watch the clip of Ali’s visit below, or watch the entire interview here.

(Image: HBO Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube screen capture)

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