Bill Nye explains why he finally changed his mind on GMOs

Bill Nye explains why he finally changed his mind on GMOs May 11, 2015

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Bill Nye stopped by Huffington Post Live this week and finally discusses why he came around and now accepts that GMOs are safe and beneficial.

After originally publishing skepticism for modified foods in his book Undeniable, he stated in April that he met with GMO scientists and his mind had been changed.

“GMOs are not inherently bad,” he explained to host Josh Zepps. “We are able to feed 7.2 billion people, which a century and a half ago you could barely feed 1 and a half billion people and [it’s] largely because of the success of modern farming.”

And while celebrating the science and benefits of GMOs he did still put up some caution, mainly that we must always proceed with caution to make sure our modifications do not have “unintended consequences” on local ecosystems.

“My take on it now is genetically modified food is actually, in general, — genetically modified plants, in general, — are not only not harmful, they’re actually a great benefit. However, you can’t just go planting enormous monocultures and killing everything and expect the ecosystems to take it,” he said.

You can watch the clip of the interview below.

(Image: Huffington Post Live screencapture)

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