Christian right leader compares LGBT advocates to ISIS

Christian right leader compares LGBT advocates to ISIS May 8, 2015


Dramatic and false comparisons are nothing new for the Christian right, often comparing groups like atheists to Stalin and abortion rights advocates to Nazi’s, it seems that Joseph Backholm, the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, wishes to carry on this tradition by comparing LGBT rights advocates to none other than ISIS.

In his post on the Family Policy site, Backholm writes:

“If ISIS took over the town you live in, they might move door to door and give you three options: “convert to Islam, pay the jizya, or die.”

The jizya is a tax for not being Muslim.

there are parallels between the way Jihadists treat those who are in dhimmitude and the way the new sexual revolution in America seeks to treat those who disagree with their (religious?) beliefs about sexuality and marriage.

Once they have political power, they are giving businesses three options “convert, pay a fine, or die” (economically, not physically).”

To quote Hemant Mehta here, “Yep totally the same thing. Because ISIS is all about protecting minority rights…”

This is plain old hateful rhetoric being used as a scare tactic to frighten voters religious allies to remove politicians from power who support equality.

The problem is, Backholm’s entire narrative is a false one, here is one example he uses in comparing LGBT activists to ISIS:

After Arlene’s Flowers was sued for declining to decorate for a same-sex wedding, Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered to settle (demanded the jizya) for $2,000 on the condition that she would “convert,” or agree to make business decisions according to the state’s new values.

Wrong. Arlene’s Flowers broke the law, she discriminated against a couple based on their sexual orientation. If they will decorate a straight wedding, they must be willing to decorate all weddings. The fine was not a “jizya” it was simply a penalty for breaking the law, an anti-discrimination law that was established before the business was formed.

And no one is asking Arlene’s Flowers to convert to anything, every employee there is free to be disgusted by same-sex weddings if they so choose. They do not have to accept anything they do not wish to, but they simply cannot discriminate. If they don’t want to do same-sex weddings, then they must stop doing all weddings.

No ones religious rights are being trampled, no one is asking the church to redefine marriage, all the laws are doing is ensuring everyone is treated equally. Ironically, Backholm is claiming that LGBT advocates are imposing  “dhimmitude” on Christians who are fighting for the right to oppress the LGBT community into being second class citizens. I am not sure Backholm understands the definition of dhimmitude.

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