For only $20 you can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view concrete pillars

For only $20 you can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view concrete pillars June 8, 2015


If there was ever any evidence needed to prove that the Ark Encounter does not have enough money to complete their project, this is it.

The park has announced that this summer, for only $20 per vehicle, or only $10 for those gullible enough to be Answers in Genesis members, visitors can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view the concrete pillars it has taken more than five years to install.

This is the family vacation you have been waiting for!

Ken Ham tells readers of the AiG site:

“Visitors will have the thrill of witnessing firsthand the historic construction of Noah’s Ark, being built according to the biblical proportions described in Scripture. Our guests will safely observe the Ark from a viewing spot just outside the actual hard-hat area. It will be their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an Ark being built, which will become the largest timber-frame building in the world.”

The project, of course, is in major financial trouble after they lost an 18 million dollar tax rebate after it was discovered the organization was breaking federal employment laws and planned to run the park as a ministry. The organization is currently suing the state of Kentucky over the tax incentive loss.

Since losing the tax incentive, donations have not come in to raise the money needed to build the park and the desperation seems to be setting in for the project in which AiG claims will open next year.

Why on earth anyone would pay $20 to watch construction vehicles drive around is beyond me. But I guess if you’re gullible enough to believe a boat carried two of each of the world’s animals for a year, you’re probably gullible enough to pay money to watch dirt get moved around.

(Image: Ark Encounter protional material)

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