Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is furious that the ‘liberal media’ quoted her in context

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is furious that the ‘liberal media’ quoted her in context June 11, 2015

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Fox’s Megyn Kelly is no stranger to saying really stupid things. In fact, she has made a complete career out of it. Now she is mad that people are calling her out of it, more specifically the “liberal media.”

On Monday when Kelly was discussing the black teenage girl slammed to the ground by a McKinney, Texas, police officer, Kelly said the officers treatment of the teen was “brutal,” but she also commented that the “girl was no saint either” because she stuck around when the officer told her to move on.

Kelly is now furious that the liberal media is smearing her name for her comments, which are caught on video and used in perfect context by all the media outlets reporting on her victim blaming.

“I took no position on the matter, other than to acknowledge the brutality of the cop’s actions, and the decision-making of the young woman that brought her into his focus,” Kelly said.

She pointed out that two of her three guests opposed the officers actions, but who cares? This is not about what her guests said, it is what she said. And she blamed the teenager for not leaving when told and offering that as some form of justification for police brutality.

“It’s almost pointless to respond to these kinds of smears, and I almost never do it,” Kelly said. “But this one struck me as an example of how drastically the press — really, the blogs — distort innocuous comments to promote their own agendas. It is not just a left-wing thing, to be fair; but too often, it is done by the far left with glee, and with total impunity.”

Sorry Megyn, but the thing with saying really stupid things on television is that we can watch them again, and clearly, you are victim blaming and deserve to have your reputation dragged through the mud.

Watch the video below, via Mediaite:

(Image: Fox News / YouTube screen capture)

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