Ken Ham: Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage will lead to the end of churches

Ken Ham: Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage will lead to the end of churches June 30, 2015

Photo: Answers in Genesis

The Christian right is in pure panic mode. Most likely not out of real fear, but they are capitalizing on the fear of others to drive donations, church membership, etcetera. But the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 US states is the perfect fuel to the fire that these money hungry religious leaders need.

Answers in Genesis CEO, Ken Ham is equating the ruling to Pandora’s Box. An odd choice, given that the Greek mythological story predates his religion by thousands of years but never let it be said that Ken Ham thinks before he speaks.

Ham is claiming that the ruling is going to lead to all kinds of problems from polygamy (allowed in his Bible), pedophilia (condoned in his Bible), incest (condoned in his Bible and defended in his museum), but these are all old hat when it comes to religious bigotry, these are the go-to arguments.

Even former politician Allen West is claiming that pedophiles are already demanding equal rights after the ruling.

Have none of these men ever heard the word consent?

But now Ham is claiming that this ruling will lead to the end of churches, because he is claiming the gay-rights movement does not want equality, they want acceptance by everyone, or else!

Quoting The Federalist, Ken says he agrees with the following statement:

Legal gay marriage is not the endgame for the gay-rights movement. It never was. Moral approval is the endgame. The agenda is not tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles. The agenda is a demand that everyone get on board with the moral revolution or be punished. That means if you or your church won’t get with the program, then the revolutionaries will endeavor to close you down.

This is fear-mongering at its very best.

“The agenda” in which they can never explain, is always to persecute Christians. Perhaps this fear is born out of the fear of revenge. These religious leaders are afraid the LGBT community is going to treat religious groups as awful as they have treated the LGBT community.

This is nonsense though because there is not “agenda” there is simply a fight for equality. They want nothing more than the same rights as everyone else.

Did churches in Canada close when they legalized same-sex marriage 10 years ago? NO! Did churches in Mexico or all across Europe close as a result? NO!

And the truth is, these leaders know this, but are banking on the shared ignorance of their following. They do this by being the news source for their congregations and members. They shut them out from the real world and encourage them to put on blinders as to not be poisoned by the secular world.

Ken Ham is exploiting equality for financial gain. He has already called for donations for the Ark Encounter as a symbol of religious freedom in the wake of marriage equality.

Ham ends his piece by warning that Christians will have to endure persecution to awaken God, because of some reason, their all-powerful creator must watch them suffer before he is willing to help.

The truth is, the only persecution the religious will encounter will be self-imposed in a pathetic attempt to martyr themselves when the realize the “gay Gestapo” isn’t going come knocking.

[Image: Answers in Genesis screen capture]

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