Lindsey Graham says the Confederate flag is ‘part of who we are’

Lindsey Graham says the Confederate flag is ‘part of who we are’ June 19, 2015

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South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, after claiming that Christian persecution was likely to blame for the Charleston mass shooting that left nine black congregants dead, is now defending the state’s decision to leave the Confederate flag flying over the capital building.

The senator told CNN that the flag is just “part of who we are.”

He did say he would be willing to revisit the state’s decision to fly the flag but claimed that to many people it represents a different side of the Civil War, and that only some people use it in a racist way. “The problems we have in South Carolina and throughout the world” do not stem from Confederate symbols, but because of “what’s in people’s heart.”

But he did defend the fact the state has a Confederate memorial outside the State House along with an African-American memorial, saying that balance works for him and works for the state.

He said finding that balance is how we move forward. But he hopelessly remarked, “how do you go back and reconstruct America?”

Well, I can think of one way to start. Take down the fucking flag, Senator. You are flying a symbol of racism, building monuments to racism, and naming streets after generals who fought for their rights to uphold racism.

Yes, racism and racist thinking do stem from these symbols, because people see them every day and are taught that the ideas the Confederate Army fought for are worth remembering today.

The South Carolina government breeds racism because it shows that it fully endorses it.

[Image: CNN screen capture]

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