The Ark Encounter hosted a media day and let reporters walk on concrete platforms

The Ark Encounter hosted a media day and let reporters walk on concrete platforms June 26, 2015


Today was media day at the Ark Encounter.

Ken Ham invited media to the construction site today (my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail) to have a “a unique opportunity to walk on top of the concrete measures platform, which will support the timber structure.”

That must have been riveting.

At the event, Ham also filmed a short video for the park’s social media platforms in which Ham declared the park would be one of “the biggest Christian attraction in the world” and compared it to Disney and Universal Studios. He then cited the long-debunked visitation numbers that his good friend Britt Beemer dreamed up for him, claiming that the park would see 2 million people a year.

The State of Kentucky, which commissioned it down report found that the park would only receive about 325,000 visitors in the first year and would decline after that.

In another video, Ham appears touting secularists, calling them “scoffers” for claiming the ark would never be built. A cocky move seeing as how Ham is still 10 million dollars short of the fundraising goal and has lost this 18 million dollar tax rebate in which he said repeated in the past, is necessary to finish phase two of the project.

The organization’s lawsuit against the state is still waiting for a judge to decide if they will take Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s recommendation and dismiss the case.

[Image: Answers in Genesis]

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