This intelligent design ‘laboratory’ is a stock photo

This intelligent design ‘laboratory’ is a stock photo June 5, 2015


This is an awesome find by Ars Technica.

A video that was released by the intelligent design (ID) “think tank” the Discovery Institute showing a “researcher” in a laboratory setting.

An Ars Technica writer wondered why IDers would need a laboratory seeing as how ID does not rely on a single bit of actual scientific research and their laboratory resides inside a Bible and inside their undereducated imaginations.

Although the video was datelined from the “Biologic Institute” of the Discovery Institute, it turns out that the nonsensical rant was green-screened in front of a stock image,” writes Casey Johnston for Ars Technica.

Here is a link to the stock image to prove it.

Oops, it seems the “Biological Institute” of the Discovery Insitute also only exists in their imagination.

I suppose when you make a living lying about science, lying about everything else should be expected.

(Image: YouTube screen capture)


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