Bill Nye: ‘Homosexuality exists across multiple species’

Bill Nye: ‘Homosexuality exists across multiple species’ July 9, 2015

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Bill Nye The Science Guy has a message for those who have an issue with homosexuality, and those who call it “unnatural” and his message is pretty clear: “Homosexuality exists across species and throughout nature. Bonobo monkeys, for example, exhibit homosexuality. And Bonobo monkeys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Basically what I’m tryina’ say is live & let live, people.”

In a video for Big Think, Nye answers the question of whether or not homosexuality makes evolutionary sense.

Nye discusses a book he read as a child called The Naked Ape. “And this guy, the author, Desmond Morris, claimed, I guess he documented that there is homosexual behavior among primates,” says Nye.

And the answer nowadays we give to everybody about this is it’s a spectrum. I don’t know about you, but I have known a great many gay men who are married, who have babies, who have kids. So apparently — I’m not an authority on this,” Nye continues. “I’m an observer of the human condition. Apparently there’s a spectrum. Some people are more inclined to have sex with people of their same sex than others. And I think if you just watch the news right now, you can see that for yourself. And so being somewhere on the spectrum of heterosexual with homosexual being on that it’s not genetically lethal; you still have kids anyway.”

You can watch the entire video below and better understand Nye’s views on the issue. His central message is that there is nothing unnatural about homosexuality, and it does not appear to have become an evolutionary constraint because we see it in nature and homosexual couples do often still have offspring.

So as Nye says, “live and let live, people.”

[Image: Video screen capture]

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