Creationist Kent Hovind believes he was targeted and imprisoned for his ‘biblical teachings’

Creationist Kent Hovind believes he was targeted and imprisoned for his ‘biblical teachings’ July 10, 2015


In his first interview since being released from prison this week, Dr. Dino himself, Kent Hovind tells the right-wing conspiracy site, Sons of Liberty that, while he cannot prove it, his arrest and prosecution has “had all the fingerprints” of him being targeted by the IRS for his biblical teaching.

“There was no crime ever on my part,” he said, comparing himself to men of the Bible who were imprisoned wrongfully such as Joseph, Daniel, the Prophets, John the Baptist and the apostle Paul.

He even went as far as to compare himself to Jesus saying, “He’s an enemy of Caesar,” said Hovind, after saying Jesus was targeted for a similar tax evasion crime. “They can crucify anybody with that mindset, even God Himself.”

Hovind argued he should have been released much sooner after a jury in May acquitted him of most charges and blamed the New Hampshire prison system for failing to act correctly.

Yet, the creationist apologist did say his time in prison wasn’t a total waste as he spent time proselytizing to other inmates.

“In prison, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel as far as soul winning,” he said. “You’re stuck with these guys 24/7…. And they are generally hurting spiritually and searching and it’s an incredibly great place to win souls and really see lives changed and a wonderful experience for getting the gospel out.”

“I can see why so much of the New Testament, and the rest of the Bible period, is written from prison or from captivity,” he added. “There’s about 800 men I’ve led to the Lord in the last 9 years. I think we’ll see some real fruit from many of them.”

Hovind did say he saw a rise in Islamic recruitment as well but said he believed inmates only did so for the benefits and that most of them seemed oblivious to the actual teaching of the religion.

He has apparently never read any research that suggests inmates become Christians for the same reasons.

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