Fox News’ Todd Starnes goes on a transphobic rampage during a church sermon

Fox News’ Todd Starnes goes on a transphobic rampage during a church sermon July 13, 2015

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Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes spoke to the Abilene Baptist Church in Augusta on Sunday, encouraging churchgoers to fight back against same-sex marriage and transgender equality.

Starnes, a conservative conspiracy theorist started his sermon by saying it was great to be back in the South where it was easy to find Waffle House and Chick-fil-A restaurants, which he believes is the “official chicken of Jesus.”

“I believe that the reason that God blessed America is because we know how to smoke a pork butt,” Starnes said, before launching into an attack on the Supreme Court’s ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage.

“There is a war on religious liberty!” he exclaimed. “And this war is not targeting people of the Muslim faith or the Jewish faith or the Hindu faith. This war on religious liberty is targeting people of the Christian faith.”

Perhaps what Starnes is realizing here is that only Christians have a massive persecution complex and think every law change is a personal attack on them.

Starnes then celebrated Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, while slamming Miley Cyrus for  “an incident involving twerking… Miley Cyrus committing this act of public debauchery.”

“And it was about that time Phil Robertson, one of my heroes of the faith from Duck Dynasty, did an interview with GQ magazine, and in that interview, Phil Robertson defended traditional marriage,” the Fox host observed. “Miley Cyrus celebrated for her act of debauchery, but Phil Robertson castigated for standing up for the Bible.”

He used that as a great segue to plug his book before then used this flimsy defense of hate-speech to claim that the government would begin criminalizing Christianity in “just a few short years.”

Having trouble keeping on a single subject, Starnes then proclaimed that God hadn’t redefined marriage, but also attempted to defend the Confederate flag.

“God hasn’t redefined anything!” he said to ‘Amens’ from the crowd. “If you think the cultural purging of the Dukes of Hazzard had been breathtaking in recent days, wait until you see what they’re about to do to Christians.”

At this point, Starnes launched into a transphobic tirade, explaining that he is particularly upset that children are being taught about gender equality, saying that there is “no such thing as male or female,” he continued. “That you may wake up feeling like a boy, but by third period you might start feeling like a girl!”

“The time has come for all of us to stand together with one voice!” Starnes insisted. “They may demand to know the content of our prayers, they may try to shut down our bakeries, they may try to silence our voices, but we will not be silenced! We will not be intimidated!”

Starnes is attempting to do nothing but scare groups of Christians into believing they are under attack because they are no longer allowed to discriminate against those whose lives they disagree with. He is promoting an active fight to remove rights from his fellow Americans and advising listeners to vocally oppose homosexuals and transgender men and women.

Todd Starnes is a bigot of the worst kind and sadly cannot simply be written off because Fox News and churches like this one continue to give him a voice to promote hatred.

You can watch his rant below, courtesy of Raw Story.

[Image: YouTube screen capture]

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