Jewish terrorists murder a Palestinian baby in its sleep

Jewish terrorists murder a Palestinian baby in its sleep July 31, 2015


In what can be described as nothing but a horrific terrorist attack, a one-and-a-half-year-old Palestinian baby was burned to death and three were seriously wounded late Thursday night after a house was set on fire by Jewish extremists in the village of Douma, near Nablus.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the toddler was burned to death and said they Jewish extremists are behind the attack.

“This attack against Palestinian civilians is a barbaric act of terrorism,” IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner tweeted shortly after the attack. The IDF is searching the area for suspects.

Perhaps if the Israeli government treated the Palestinian people with respect instead of systematically oppressing them groups like the one that murdered a toddler would not find so much fuel for their hatred.

Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian Authority official in charge of monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank, said that several settlers threw firebombs into the house and spray-painted graffiti reading “revenge” and “long live the Messiah” before fleeing.

This horrific act, taking place just after another Jewish extremist stabbed six people at a Jerusalem gay pride parade are just 24-hours worth of examples of the danger and harm religion causes.

Religious fueled hatred for those who think different or believe differently leads people to hurt and kill in the name of their God.

[Image: Graffiti reading “revenge” / Rabbis for Human Rights / Facebook]

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