Ken Ham believes he knows the LGBT agenda and that it’s to silence Christians

Ken Ham believes he knows the LGBT agenda and that it’s to silence Christians July 7, 2015


Ken Ham has it all figured out. You see, the creationist crackpot believes that legalizing same-sex marriage is only one part of the overall LGBT agenda, because of course he believes there is an “agenda” other than equality.

Ham writes:

From what we’ve seen and know about the LGBT movement, the leaders don’t just want legalization of their moral behavior, but also want to force acceptance of this on everyone. They want everyone not just to tolerate their position, but to accept it while they themselves show intolerance for those who do not hold to their views. I encourage you to read this article from Canada, which we believe is a warning of things to come in the USA.

Now, we know this is nonsense. The LGBT movement isn’t asking anyone to “accept” them, but only not to discriminate against them. Yes, acceptance would be awesome, after all, it is part of the Christian teachings Ham is hammering on about all the time, but you don’t have to accept homosexuals, but you cannot treat them differently simply because you’re a bigot.

So you might be wondering where Ham gets these crazy ideas, we already know his imagination is that of a 3-year-old who doesn’t understand logic, reason or common sense, but with such simple mindedness usually comes someone else greasing the wheels of insanity.

Well, Ham gets his paranoia from multiple places. First, Canada, because they have ruled that a Christian college cannot simply discriminate against homosexual students using rules that forbid certain sexual activity.

“A Canada court has upheld the denial of accreditation to a Christian law school, holding the private school’s prohibition of homosexual behavior is sufficiently discriminatory that its degrees can be invalidated for that reason alone,” according to an article cited by Ham.

The law school was forcing students to sign a document that forbid them to engage in sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage and the court found that such a document violated the countries equality laws and upheld an earlier ruling by a bar accreditation society which denied the school’s ability to issue law degrees.

Ham doesn’t mention this of course and only cites that they are being forced to accept LGBT students against what he called “religious freedom.”

But Ham’s second source, well, this really takes the cake. Ham is claiming to know that the LGBT community has a bigger agenda because Fox News’ Todd Starnes says so. Yes, Todd Starnes, the conspiracy theory crackpot who claimed Washington, DC was being biblically flooded after the same-sex marriage ruling, who believes Disney is an anti-God corporation, and who called for a “plague of hornets” to attack President Obama. That Todd Starnes is Ken Ham’s go to source on the LGBT agenda.

Starns said he “predicted that once gay marriage was legalized, LGBTQIA supporters would attempt to silence all dissent,” and claims his prediction came true when bakers were ordered to pay fines for illegally discriminating against LGBT customers.

Yet freedom of religion does not offer you the freedom to open a for-profit business and use it as a discriminatory platform. You cannot open a business and serve only those you wish to. Your business is open to the public and you must follow all state and federal laws. Your personal beliefs do not trump the law.

If you are a baker and want nothing to do with same-sex marriage, you can either stop baking all wedding cakes, or you can find a new line of work.

This common sense, logical idea is of course lost on Ham who believes that  “A war has now ben [sic] unleashed on the free exercise of Christianity in this nation—it’s just beginning.”

Strap on your tinfoil hats folks. We are in for one crazy ride. When a Christian cannot have their way, the world is against them.

Well, Ken, the solution is simple. You came to the US to exploit our tax laws and religious freedom and now that you’re not getting exactly what you want, you’re crying foul. If the laws of this country do not suit your needs, you are welcome to take your failing businesses elsewhere.

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