Right-wing lunatic compares women to animals in strange anti-Planned Parenthood rant

Right-wing lunatic compares women to animals in strange anti-Planned Parenthood rant July 25, 2015


Red State’s Erick Erickson is not known for his logic, reason or sanity, and his latest rant proves exactly why.

Erickson posted on Red State about the discredited Planned Parenthood videos the right-wing is continuing to circulate and tries to compare pregnant women to animals in vivisection laboratories in a very confusing rant.

Coca-Cola has not only ruined its signature product with that idiotic Freestyle machine that makes all its drinks taste terrible, it also has subsidized the brutal killing of animals. It is horrific news that should unite the left and the right. Coca-Cola has been joined by Verizon in subsidizing this.

Both companies have contributed to an organization that takes pregnant female animals and pulls their unborn from them and crushes them. In numerous cases, the barbarians who do this procedure then take the organs from the small, crushed animals and give them to others for scientific research.

But Erickson is not talking about animal testing. No, he is talking about women having abortions.

PETA and other organizations have long protested the use of animals for scientific research, yet Coca-Cola and Verizon have subsidized the harvesting of organs from young animals that are otherwise crushed up through direct donations to the organization crushing the animals. In some cases, a procedure is done on the pregnant females where their unborn are vacuumed out. In other cases, the unborn baby animals have their heads slit open and their brains sucked out before the rest of the animal is ripped apart and extracted from its mother via the animal’s birth canal.

What a bizarre way to attempt to add credibility to falsified videos. But the craziness does not stop here. He continues by citing scientific evidence that does not exist, knowing Red State readers are often anti-science.

Coca-Cola has subsidized this organization. Verizon has subsidized this organization. The have contributed money that is used to make this happen. Even worse, scientific evidence strongly suggests that the baby animals in many cases can feel themselves being ripped apart. In fact, they have to let the animals grow to an advanced stage to be able to harvest the organs — a stage advanced enough for brain function and nerve function and pain sensors to develop.

No, scientific research does not indicate that these fetuses feel pain. In fact, it strongly suggests otherwise. As The Frisky points out, “Pain censors do not develop until around 35 weeks, and abortions are restricted to nonviable fetuses, at approximately 24/25 weeks or less. Also, no, there is no doctor anywhere telling women, ‘How about you just wait to have this abortion, so that we may harvest the organs?’ That doesn’t happen.”

And since when does Erickson, an evolution denier, not only accept calling women animals but also suddenly accepts “scientific research” in general?

It is often safe to say that if Erickson is accepting scientific evidence, the evidence is made up.

Erickson believes his mysterious (read: drunk) writing is a work of art that then needs the big reveal.

Coca-Cola and Verizon have subsidized this. They should be ashamed.

There are thirty-seven other companies that have subsidized the brutal extraction of small animals from their mothers to harvest their organs. The Homo sapiens need to be protected and cared for against this brutal torture.

Whoa! Who saw that coming!? Was He talking about women the whole time and comparing them to lab rats being tortured for profit by Coca-Cola and Verizon? Given the low thinking levels of many Red State readers, I imagine they screamed in shock when they realized he was not talking about animal research.

I’m sure Erickson is sitting in his home waiting for his Pulitzer Prize for this material.

This is what the pro-life movement has come to: standing behind fake videos and comparing women to lab animals in an attempt to turn Planned Parenthood doctors into the scary animal researchers we imagine in our heads and executives rolling around in cash after handing body parts over to some imaginary factory.

This is exactly what it looks like when you know your position is on the losing side of history and that public opinion has shifted far away from your oppressive anti-woman, anti-science beliefs.

[Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons]

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