Fox News freaks out over Target’s decision to remove gender specific toy labels

Fox News freaks out over Target’s decision to remove gender specific toy labels August 10, 2015

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Target made a big move this week when they listened to customers who urged the retail giant to remove labels that made toys gender specific — changing items like “Girls building sets” to “Building sets” and so on.

Well, the lovely folks over at Fox and Friends are not very pleased with this decision.

“They’re going gender neutral, whatever that is,” host Steve Doocy said while previewing the upcoming segment. “Have the PC police gone too far?”

After taking a few moments to explain what this means, the hosts struggled to understand how toys work and that toys actually don’t care what gender someone is who is playing with them.

“Is this going to confuse you? I know it’s going to confuse me,” Alcides Segui of Fox affiliate WTVT laughed. “And they’re doing it not only at this store here in Tampa but all Target stores across the country.”

“How many times have you gone into a store — when I go to buy glasses,” Doocy remarked. “And all of them are up on the wall, I will ask the person, ‘Are these men’s or women’s?’”

How about you buy the glasses you like and stop worrying about “who” they are made for?

Yet the idea of going to Target and having to actually put thought into buying a gift for a child seems to be too much for these hosts. They need labels to know what to buy.

“But who are we helping?” Kilmeade asked. “The nine people who are upset by this? If you go buy a gift for a boy who is nine or six or a girl who is nine or six, you want to be able to go to that section and pick out a toy they might want.”

“Now you have to sit there and look at a blended area and wonder, ‘Is this for a boy or a girl?’” he complained. “There’s going to be some unhappy boys and unhappy girls now.”

The best way to overcome such confusion is to either ask the gift recipient what kind of toys they are interested in, or better yet, stop worrying about what gender a toy is designed for.

It is okay to buy a boy a doll or a kitchen set. It is okay to buy a girl a Spiderman action figure.

What is not okay is believing that because you assign a gender role to everyone you meet, they should be playing with toys specific to their gender.

Perhaps the world would be better served if the hosts of Fox and Friends just stopped buying children anything at all and stayed in the studio yelling at the screen so elderly Klan members can hear them better.

[Image: Fox News screen capture]

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